Augmented Reality

Som Infotech developed Web Application and Provide the AWS Services development that should be very expresive for Our Clients. Use it where it's possible. Personalization is undeniably loved by everyone. Let our users make the app look and work the way they want to. Positive emotions can easily tip the scales in our favor.

Augmented Reality

Definition of AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is the application of technology to superimpose information on digitally rendered images into real world environments to give a sense of virtual reality or create an illusion. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what users see and hear.

Unlike Virtual Reality where computer generated environments are used to interact with human beings and human beings get immersed into them, AR takes the real world of the present and projects digital imagery and sound into it.

Som Infotech covers both AR content and apps

Being one of the best augmented reality companies in India, we can assure you highest quality AR content and apps. Experts with us can help you in environment creation, motion capture, product presenta tion, 3D design and animation. Besides, we can develop AR applications for Windows, Android and IOS; either you can provide the content or we will create by ourselves.

Som Infotech is one of the best Augmented Reality app and game development company.We have to provide to excelllent AR visualization for our customer. We connect variations, creativity, and analysis to give the best Virtual reality services to our clients.

We Also Devloped 3D Games, 3D Application For Android And Iso We Also Provieds Best Coustemer Service For Our Clients.

Tools used by us to offer exceptional augmented reality services

To offer best AR services, it takes technical adeptness and creative intellects. We have both in plenty and with that we are backed by most sophisticated toolkits. FLARToolKit, Vuforia, LinceoVR, Layar,, Google plugins, Wikitude, ARToolKit, Junaio, HandyAR, AR-media and SketchUp etc. are just a few to mention.

MAP Systems is one of the pioneers in offering best virtual reality services and augmented reality solutions.

Augmented reality platforms we work with:

We’re one of the few augmented reality companies in India that build AR apps for mobile devices, smart glasses as well as head-mounted displays like the HoloLens.

  • ARKit
  • We develop revolutionary augmented reality applications for iOS 11 that use built-in camera, processors and motion sensors of iPhones and iPad with Apple’s latest AR platform.
  • ARCore
  • We use Google’s newest AR platform ARCore to create engaging augmented reality apps for Android including, interactive maps, shopping apps and more.
  • Vuforia
  • Our AR app developers & AR game developers use this SDK to create advanced AR apps for a broad range of mobile and tablet devices including iPhone and iPad.

Our steps to Augmented Reality world

Som Infotech, as an Augmented Reality application development company in India is way ahead in relating the power of technology in form of augmented reality. We offer innovative, ingenious and effective augmented reality solutions though our cutting edge technology.

The AR applications developed by us are highly interactive, captivating and engaging at the same time. Through Augmented Reality app development services, the users are able to find the most digitally interactive surroundings which can be shadowed into the real world.

We with our AR application In the professional world, augmented reality offers tremendous visualizations and educational benefits, which Som Infotech being a sensible Augmented Reality app Development Company exploits and makes it effective in best possible ways.

We assure you that your information is safe with us.